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STALVEY is an exotic skin luxury accessories collection that combines cutting-edge technology, luxury, functionality, and the spirit of the street.

The brand is best known for its classic handbags rendered in lizard and alligator skins. One of the most iconic recurring styles in the collection is the alligator baseball cap, which epitomizes the brand's ethos rooted in both luxury and street style.



Explore the STALVEY collection of prestigious, high-precision accessories. Fastidious in our devotion to materials, quality and craft, the expertise applies to every aspect of design. From the the rigour of our dyeing process to the individual stitching and painting of our expert craftsmen.


"The point of such styling is to look effortless, natural and, in one of fashion’s favorite terms, “authentic” — even when that authenticity is mediated by an on-hand stylist to offer up the glossiest version of your authentic self. So much so that many of the millions of fans watching along on social media may not realize they’re looking at a tailor-made ensemble."

"Stalvey isn’t pretending these are “affordable” or democratic bags, nor is he concerned with reaching every woman; vegans, you won’t find anything faux here. He’s more interested in shaking up the luxury market with rare, one-of-a-kind bags with a streetwise edge that speak to girls whose mothers probably shopped at Hermès."

"Since fashion month started, one brand name relentlessly kept popping up in my inbox. Press releases from a handbag label called STALVEY just didn't stop flooding in. And this isn't down to overzealous PR work—this is because today's supermodels (think Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber and friends) have got brand-new, ultra-luxe bags, and they aren't afraid to wear them—all the time."

"It's this proactive attitude that has led Stalvey to swap a career in medicine for exotic handbags; meticulously crafting gorgeous pieces that now retail from Barneys to Browns, Harrods to Lane Crawford. And with IT girls the likes of Gigi, Bella and Kaia Gerber all spotted carrying his creations, STALVEY is undeniably the hottest new name in exotics."

"Stalvey is now the driving force behind a namesake line of high-end accessories - most of them crafted from premium alligator skin. Stalvey launched his hand-cut and hand stitched carryalls when a search for the perfect alligator duffel bag proved fruitless."

"STALVEY, the luxury handbag line founded in 2014 by Jason Stalvey, which Hadid has been carrying almost exclusively when it comes to hitting the street this summer. Hadid has been spotted with the brand’s mini-top handle bag on over ten separate occasions over the past few months."

"There’s nothing tacky about this luxe STALVEY belt bag made of bright red alligator skin. Featuring gold hardware and just big enough to fit all essentials, this purse is 100% splurge-worthy. Plus, the adjustable strap allows you to wear it both as a belt bag and as a shoulder bag, making it two times more versatile."



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